CP Abba Kyari: A Name Much Dreaded By Criminals

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By Benedict Ahanonu

An encounter with the Yobe State gentleman who was born and brought up in Maiduguri, Borno State but now Nigeria’s prime crime-buster for the first time, was interesting, quite revealing and wonderful. To be honest, I was expecting to meet a stern looking Police officer, given his acts and deeds with his IR Team which are bold and daring. Alas! I was wrong! Instead, I met a calm, simple, unassuming, accommodating, intelligent, frank and kind gentleman, who works round-the-clock to make sure Nigerians sleep with their eyes closed.

In fact, 24-hours are not enough for the job because until he closes for the day, many are still waiting to see him and he receives people up to the last man. He does not ignore anyone. The very first day I went to meet him for a media chat, I had to tarry before I could see him and the waiting was longer because incidentally IGP Ibrahim Idris called him at that point in time. As I was waiting for him at the visitor’s room together with my colleague, I observed through the way his men where relating freely among themselves and comments made about him that indeed he is a great man.  Not a single negative comment about him even while he was away. On the same day too, I saw the compassionate ACP Abba Kyari, through an encounter, he had with one very old man. The moment he alighted from his vehicle, the old man started fidgeting like a stealthy wall gecko that fell into the wrong hand.   He did something wrong and was consumed with guilt but ACP Abba Kyari only reprimanded him and warned that he should stop using his name to dupe people and then drove away. My goodness! That is the man I am talking about.  From his expansive but moderately furnished office in Abuja, he coordinates his team in all the states of the federation; always communicating, always thinking of plan ‘B’, always directing, always thinking ahead. In fact, as we were speaking, something was happening somewhere.  Imagine! Twelve teams operating at the same time and he has to coordinate all of them – that is quite a huge task. Before he was posted to Lagos, ACP Abba Kyari, was a Divisional Crime Officer. When he graduated from Police Academy in 2002, he was posted to Adamawa State where he met his mentor,   a Superintendent of Police (SP) called Saidu Adamu, now retired but a very experienced, honest, calm, straightforward and brilliant man. He was the one that prepared him for the great task ahead and today he remembers him with much respect and fondness. Because of the numerous successes he has recorded right from the time he was officer in charge of Lagos Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) some have erroneously concluded that he uses charm or that one witchdoctor in the village helps him – no, never. There is absolutely nothing like that. Instead, it is all about proper training, patience and willingness to learn. It was SP Saidu Adamu that prepared him, and he was so wise that he never despised him and was never in a hurry for pecuniary this and that … you know.   But today look at the height his excellent services have taken him. Honestly, I won’t be surprised if he gets another promotion soon. The whole country knows him and celebrates him because of his knack for taking out high profile criminals even the most difficult ones like Vampire and elusive Evans. Indeed, humble and soft-spoken ACP Abba Kyari; a geography graduate of University of Maiduguri has with these accomplishments, proven that no criminal is above the Nigeria Police. He is a super cop with good human relationship skills, down-to-earth and well-focused. Interestingly, Abba Kyari sees himself as only human and treats his subordinates as colleagues. He doesn’t look down on people and doesn’t shout. Another secret of his success is ability to understand the strength and weaknesses of his subordinates. He also provides anything that might be required for his subordinates during operation. According to him, “I so much believe in morale.  So I will prefer deploying twenty men with high morale than hundred men with low morale.” The story of ACP Abba Kyari is essentially food for thought for everybody, and particularly the youths. ACP Abba Kyari is our role model of the month, a gentle giant, man of integrity, dutiful father and policeman with a difference.

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